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Quality Assurance

Quality guarantee is critial for us. We are always dedicated to delivering the quality solar panel for our clients. In order to meet our client's strict quality standards, we pay attention to details in each step, from raw material choosing, manufacturing process to finished product's testing and package, and we carefully inspect each solar panel and do 100% testing before shipment, to ensure our panels in high quality.

Excellent Service

Service is important for us. We provide technical support and solution to our clients during their product design stage, keep them updated on the order status, and provide good after-sales service to meet their satisfaction. Even though we are small, we are very flexible to handle issues and in quick response to solve problems. We are open for discussion and active to keep good communication with our client.


As a manufacturer in new energy sector, we have always felt a shared sense of responsibility to respect for the environment, protect our planet, and realise sustainablity development, to benefit for our future generation.