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What is a back contact solar panel?

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  • Time:2023-05-18
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A back contact solar panel is a type of photovoltaic solar panel that differs from conventional solar panels in the way that the photovoltaic solar cells are manufactured and arranged. In a back contact solar panel, the electrodes that collect the electrical current generated by the solar cells are located on the back of the cell, rather than on the front and sides as in a traditional solar panel. This configuration allows for a potentially higher electrical output per cell and an overall higher efficiency of the panel since there are fewer areas for energy loss or shading to occur.

Back contact solar panels are also known for their durability, as they don’t have any front-side wires that are vulnerable to breakage or corrosion. They are often used in special applications such as space satellites and outdoor equipment, where high efficiency and durability are important factors.

However, back contact solar panels may be more expensive to manufacture than traditional solar panels since they are built using more specialized manufacturing techniques.

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